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Exploring My Favorite Local Businesses

Jojo + Coco – Ridgefield, WA

Jojo + CoCo is the premier Women’s Clothing boutique in Ridgefield, WA. Founded by JoAnna Asplund, affectionately known as JoJo, this boutique stands out by offering high-quality products in all sizes, all without the burden of unreasonable price tags. Each piece curated by JoJo and her team is chosen with care, ensuring it can be worn by women of all ages. In an era of disposable fashion, Jojo + CoCo takes a different path, prioritizing quality and how each woman feels when she wears their selections. It’s a commitment to growth, improvement, and accountability that defines their journey, a journey dedicated to helping women find their shine and feel fantastic along the way.


Chuck’s Market – Salmon Creek, WA

Chuck’s Produce in Salmon Creek isn’t just a grocery store; it’s a community hub that takes pride in offering an extraordinary shopping experience. With an expansive produce department that occupies a quarter of the store, Chuck’s provides an unrivaled selection of both conventional and organic fruits and vegetables. Here, you’ll discover not only the familiar favorites but also an array of unique and hard-to-find produce items. Chuck’s isn’t limited to just fresh produce; it boasts other major departments, including an artisan bakery, a well-stocked meat and fish department, an impressive cheese section, and a treasure trove of epicurean and bulk foods. A visit wouldn’t be complete without stopping by their coffee shop or savoring a meal at the full-service deli, where neighbors and friends gather to enjoy good food and great company. Beyond being a one-stop-shop for quality groceries, Chuck’s has a heart for the community it serves. They actively give back by partnering with organizations like Meals on Wheels/Loaves and Fishes, MDA, March of Dimes, local schools, and smaller community groups. At Chuck’s Produce, it’s the neighbors and their support that fuel their commitment to excellence and community involvement.

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Tsugawa Nursery – Woodland, WA

The nursery takes pride in sourcing unique and hard-to-find plant materials, reflecting their commitment to offering something special. Beyond their retail store lies a sprawling 10-acre greenhouse and nursery operation, producing top-quality plants and nursery stock that find their way to the store. Tsugawa Grown products, synonymous with freshness and quality, grace their shelves. With expert staff ready to assist seven days a week, Tsugawa Nursery is more than just a place to shop; it’s a place where generations of knowledge and love for horticulture converge to make your gardening dreams a vibrant reality. Whether you’re seeking an Asian flair or simply great plants for a beautiful garden, Tsugawa’s is the destination to explore the extraordinary. 

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Ridgefield Craft Brewery – Ridgefield, WA

Ridgefield Craft Brewing & Taphouse is more than just a brewery; it’s a vibrant community gathering spot that brings the community together. With live music setting the tone and rotating food trucks filling your belly. It’s a space where friends and neighbors can gather, enjoy trivia nights, and great beer. 


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Windy Hills Winery – Ridgefield, WA

Windy Hills Winery is a year-round haven where people come together, continuing the belief that quality matters. This winery boasts a charming ambiance with its vaulted ceiling, exposed beams, and a grand, floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, creating an inviting and rustic setting for wine enthusiasts.  With a dedication to crafting top-notch wines that appeal to both aficionados and casual enthusiasts, Windy Hills Winery celebrates the rich heritage of Ridgefield while inviting visitors to savor an “Napa Meets Northwest” inspired atmosphere that truly captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest.


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